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Peek inside our model home Discover our Empire Hidden Lakes model home, a stunning 2-story family home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 3-car garage. Embassy is very important as this is how you are introduced into your alliance that should be able to help and aid you when needed. Does not need to be in every city. Attached to the embassy, the base is where you can perform task and use those rewards to get guards to be used to defend your city and alliance capital.

Guards are a big game changer as before defense was very hard to defend against bigger players, but now makes it more plausible.

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Guards are only trained by alliance leaders and ministers, so you will have to go by how they dispatch units. Also, goblins are only released by the alliance leader. Every level of the living quarters provides you with more citizens to use. The citizens can be sent to the lumber Mill, Farm, Quarry, iron mines, or left alone. If citizens not dispatched they will produce gold for your cities. Living Quarters is a very important build as this is where most of a players gold comes from, this will be used to heal units and buy resources. Dragon Units are stronger units, when it comes to attack and defense, but not all the dragon units are needed to be produced.

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Some are more costly to convert to, to be worth the conversion. This is dependent on the players unit build and if they wish to spend the extra items for the units. If only Drakes is the players choice, only a level 5 is required. Academy provides a player with research to be upgraded with specific levels of academy and each level increase research speed.

Is the Aeneid a Celebration of Empire—or a Critique?

Only a level 30 required unless you wish to get the quest then level 40 in the main only. The rest of the cities can have a level 30 for the rest of the research for farming NFC but is not required. Important gem blessings are Artisan for faster building and growth and Peace Agreement keep you protected from attacks. Spoils of war, good luck, emergency withdrawal, and Guardian Angel are the more important blessing as they speed up harvesting, reduce losses, and increase resource amount.

Churches also provides you with the ability to heal fallen soldiers for gold, but has a cool down time between healing, so you can switch cities if needed to heal units. This is the lesser unit recruiting building but it does have its uses. These units are need for attacking the dragon. The only important units in this building are the Battle Mage and Arcane Mage. Battle Mage gets a great bonus for attacking, and the Arcane Mage has a great bonus for defense.

The downside to these units is that they have a long recruitment time even when maxed out. The wall provides defence for the city. It should always be maxed out to 40 in your main city, and is not as important in the other cities.

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Remember to repair the wall in order to use the durability or it wont have any effect. They do sound hollow to the touch and when cutting into them. The aroma, texture mealy , and thick skin is very similar to Red Delicious, which for me is a turn off. However, its flavor is more complex and interesting, if not a touch tart, than a red delicious, and is slow to brown, giving it some redeeming qualities.

Not enough to secure a spot amongst my favorites though. I was born in London, Ont and was moved to Louisville when I was 8yrs old. I was searching the local supermarket to find an alternative to the crisp blandness of the Delicious apple when I came across Empire. When I first bit into one I was transported 50yrs into my grandmothers fruit cellar where I ate apples as a child and she made her wonderful apple pies. I hadn't had an Empire since then till now but the flavor was unforgettable.

Though they may sound hollow and mealy they are always crisp and juicy. Probably because of that thick skin. My favorite apple. Empires are one of my favourite varities because they taste quite a bit like a Mac when eaten fresh, but bake better than a Mac producing better texture. If you want an apple that can play both roles, the Empire is a good choice.

Nothing else compares! I, too, am addicted to the crunchy, sweet taste. When I mange to find them in season, no one else in the house is allowed to eat my stash. I didn't realise there were others out there like me who had the 'Empire Addiction'. I can't find anything else that compares. I went apple picking with my husband 6 years ago and I got curious and picked one, once I shined it up a little it was a beautiful deep red. Once I took a bite I was hooked and I packed the rest of our bags with them. They are a great balance of sweet and tart and they are very crisp.

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I find eating them warm better than chilled. I havent found the ones in the store to measure up, they arent as flavorful and tend to be more mealy and soft which I dont like in an apple. I am considering getting us our own tree, these are definitely one of my top 5 favorite varieties. By far my favorite apple. I have 2 trees that are consistent bearers. They are great keepers and will remain fresh in my garage refrigerator through winter until spring. They are a bit suceptible to apple scab, but will do well if you plant them where there is good wind circulation, sunlight and you maintain a regular spraying program.

I just bought a house and discovered two small Empire apple trees in the back yard. They are heavy with fruit and much to my delight when I bit into the first one I picked. Juicy, sweet and crunchy, excellent flavour!

A great addition to my early season Duchess. I am elated to have these trees. Bo- This apple is soft all over.

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A sweet red flavor and a flesh soft and mealy enough for children's fresh teeth. Mash 'em yourself for home-made baby-food! By far my favorite, sweet-tart and crunchy. I just wish the Western varieties of apples were even remotely as good a NY apples. The apples in UT are mostly from WA state and for the most part are flavorless even the apples from local UT orchards are bland I tried the empire apple while in the orchard at UCSC where there are different apple tree varieties. Its taste was distinctively gratifying, crunchy, and a good balance of sugars and acids.

I am ordering four for my own orchard.

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A beautiful, crisp, juicy, sour-sweet apple with firm flesh that stores very well. Examples grown in New York state are the best. Ones from British Columbia are inferior in both taste and appearance, but still very good apples. Empires are our favourite apple and we can't usually find them here on the Island.

We came from Ontario where they were easier to get. Now I'm looking for tree stock so I can grow my own. I love Empire apples so much that I have to eat at least 2 a day to be happy!