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What If We're Wrong? History Suggests Everything Will Be Disproved

That was remarkable enough in and of itself. The letter began in the usual melodramatic fashion of these things — By the time you read this I will be dead. Then he wrote:. I ask you, in your official capacity, to compare your official copy of the kilogram with the international prototype cast in Don't use modern instruments. Take each and place it in a litre of water. You will find a measurable difference between the volumes of the two kilograms, but not their weights, just as I have discovered, to my horror.

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I'm certain the implications of this have not escaped you. The gravitational constant has shifted in the past years, and no one has noticed because we always assumed our tools were in error, not gravity itself. We recalibrated, just as we were taught. Nature, however, cannot recalibrate.

This is the reason for global warming, my friend — shrinking atmospheres and orbits, but who will believe me now, after all that has happened? Look instead to Mars and Saturn for the same global symptoms. A year passed before I showed the letter to the director and asked permission to conduct Lorry's experiment.

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My request, of course, was denied. Reprints and Permissions. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Change is not always for the best. Everything we thought we knew is wrong.

Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong? - Top Documentary Films

Gravity is changing, and we can't stop it. Author information Affiliations Jeff Crook spends his days cloning ponies and wrestling with the Semmelweis Reflex, wondering about the future, and wandering about the office. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. Download PDF.


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    Everything We Know About Nutrition May Be Wrong

    What Lies Beneath. That's the claim in a new study published in the online journal PLOSone. The researchers probe CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey , which has interviewed Americans about the foods they eat and their lifestyles since From the survey, we learned things about nutrition that now seem so fundamental — that diet and exercise choices are linked to body weight, that cholesterol is linked to heart disease, and so on.

    But here's the problem, according to the authors: All of that data was compiled by asking people to recall what they ate. Translation: We can't trust human memory as the source of our nutrition data, because people can underreport what they eat to an absurd degree. Their self-reports documented amounts of food that could not possibly support their survival.

    But it's not like the CDC can monitor all a person eats. Nor is it really feasable to do large-scale experiments on nutrition — that is, separate people into control and experimental groups, have everyone eat the same exact things except for one variable, and then compile this data over decades.