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See all Movies. I wanted to feel worthy of gifts for once, and he showered me. I wanted to show everyone else that I was somebody. And before I knew it I was somebody, somebody to be abused. At first I was the one, the only one.

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I seemed like the centre of his world. And instead of going around dragging my life baggage, of being ignored, of abuse, of care homes, of being picked up and dropped time and time again, by relatives, by professionals, I started to float on air. The baggage weighed nothing because I was somebody. Instead of assuming the colour of my environment, I stood out. And because I was seen, somebody lifted my bags, somebody helped me on my way.

Little did I know that while my back was turned the plans for further…. Usually because they are supposed to be concentrating on a lesson, an instruction, a discussion about their behaviour or some other thing that at least you deem to be important.

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  6. And they seem to do it so much. Yet there are good reasons why teenagers and children seem to spend a lot of time daydreaming. In many ways, rather than us sending out the message that they need to focus more, we need to take a lesson from them in that we need to dream more. And particularly for those troubled teens who feel swamped in their current circumstances, rather than discouraging dreaming we need to be actively encouraging them.

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    They love you. The one who can shoot the breeze with the best of them. As great as the relationship may seem though, we always have to ask the question of ourselves- is this where it begins and ends? Are we doing everything we can to help our teens, to help them get to the point of change, of progressing and growing as individuals? - Mines, Minerals and More

    Hell, I can bury it so well that even I miss it. The emotional pain that consumes me. Of life disappointed, of fundamental human needs unmet, of experiences that have skewed my view of the world, of others, of me. A pain that drives me, controls me, brings out the worst and not the best in me. A worksheet is just a piece of a paper, a group is just a collection of people, an app is 0s and 1s and a DVD is a clear disc of plastic with a thin metallic covering. This we should never forget. It is so easy to imbue all the above with some supernatural power to get the job done, to teach something, to change behaviour. But be warned, we can use all the tools and be real big fools. We can be left wondering, how did these tools go so wrong? How did these tools, these programs that looked so great, so interesting, lead to nothing? And I hate you for it. I absolutely bloody hate you for it. I hate you, you hate me. Armed with top quality justifications finely honed at the rock face of excuses, we put it off. Fear that change is coming. We need to draw on ourselves and summon up the strength, courage and willpower to do whatever it is.

    Another bare room. Another caseworker. Another foster carer. Another care home. Another secure unit. Another hostel. Just another, another, another. Cos I am just A. Nothing special, nothing worth caring about, nothing worth taking much notice of, except when you want to get me to do something, or stop doing something.

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    Apparently suited to being shoved around from pillar to post. Another hurt to add to my chest of disappointment, of heartbreak. Of feeling that I only get what I deserve. Of feeling like a nobody and that nobody cares. And as my chest gets fuller, my heart, my hope gets emptier and emptier. The infographic reveals the outcomes for young people in care and the video says more than I ever could of how you, as one worker can transform their lives, give them hope and beat those statistics. Baked beans on toast, a bat and a ball, paper and pen. The problem can be that sometimes in our never-ending desire to improve, to break new ground, to be adventurous or just make life easier or do things better we can often end up over-complicating something that is really rather simple.

    Or we forget the benefits of the simple things because we are constantly looking for the next big thing.

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    Or we lose sight of the simple because we are in a love-affair with the complex- the bigger, the better, the more complex, the more complete or so we think. And this applies to our work with teens as much as it does to our personal lives.

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    It is so easy to over-complicate things, to miss the obvious, to forget the power of the simple over the complex. Go away. Just leave me alone. Well at least as far as I see it. If my decisions are bad, then I am bad.

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    Just me, on my own trying to work out how to do this thing called life.