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Oppositional politics, in other words, is now available in colorful, digestible tracts for even the youngest readers. Read more: The dark morality of fairy-tale animal brides. The organization reached 50, members in September and includes a crop of young politicians such as the Virginia House of Delegates member Lee Carter and U.

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While on paper the country has recovered from the downturn, those gains have mostly gone to the topmost income brackets, while the majority of working people continue to contend with stagnant or even declining wages and rising costs of living. At the same time, the best of the stories aim broadly to upend the presumption of capitalism as the natural and rightful order of society, and thus feel surprisingly timeless in ways that are, by turns, delightful and depressing.

In one such story, a colony of monkeys gathers a stockpile of nuts and turns to their leaders, the Wise Ones, to determine how best to divide the harvest among the group. After setting aside the bulk of the nuts for themselves, the Wise Ones dole out the remainder among the other monkeys, granting some of them 20 nuts apiece, some 10, some five, and others none at all. For information on our shipping rates, click here. International buyers: We can and will ship international orders. Please email us about current US Postal Service rates.

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Color illustrations. Small shelfwear bottom front cover corner tip. Content: Shortened versions of beloved fairy tales - perfect for reading at bedtime. Great Milo Winter color illustrations. Condition: Gently pre-read Scholastic large soft cover, 2nd printing.

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Content: Originally published in , the illustrations have lost none of their appeal - and the stories, of course, are considerably older. One hundred twenty-six best-loved fables of Aesop. Reviewer: "This is a more complete collection [than other books], the fables are more fully developed with rich language, and the beautiful illustrations set it above the rest. We use it as part of our homeschooling writing exercises.

Our daughter reads a story, rewrites it in her own words, and illustrates it. We discuss the saying that attends each story and also the phrases that have become the common property of all people, for example, "a wolf in sheeps clothing". I cannot say enough good things about this book. At its low price this must be one of the best bargains on the planet. Enough said. Questions welcome. Priority shipping available. Very light shelf wear. Book intended as a school supplemental book. Pale stamp inside front cover from the Barbara Jordan Library. All Pop-ups work perfectly.

Preface by Alison Lurie. DJ is price-clipped. Content: An impressive collection of 12 stories representing the development of the American fairy tale from to Leaving behind the gloomy atmosphere and more formal language of their European counterparts, these literary selections reflect the landscape, egalitarian philosophy, and forward-looking optimism of America. The contentment of ordinary life is emphasized in Horace E. Richards's "The Golden Windows.

Sandburg's tale, as well as M. Independent readers may find the archaic writing of some of these selections difficult to deal with; others are quite readable. Each story is introduced by information about the author; sources are included. McCurdy's skillfully executed black-and-white woodcuts, both full-page scenes and vignettes, illustrate each tale. This volume provides a rich read-aloud for families who like quality literature, and will also be of interest to children's-literature students and folklorists.

Beautiful, detailed color illustrations by Wendy DePaauw. Content: Rhymes about some of the most notable Australian animals. Great way to teach kids about animals around the world.

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Adorable book of "familiar" nursery rhymes about Australian animals. Clever and sweet. The last 2 pages of the book contain notes on each animal. It is now protected in mylar. Interior perfect. Content: Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast, but seldom has this story been so beautifully illustrated.

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I should say "lavishly" illustrated. To see it is to love it. This beloved old French fairy tale has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. Beauty, as you may recall, is the youngest daughter of a devoted father who has fallen on hard times. Returning from a journey, he picks a rose for his daughter, enraging the owner of the rosebush, the fearsome boarlike Beast who inhabits a nearby castle.

As payment for the rose, Beauty must leave her family and reside in the Beast's castle as his companion. She gradually comes to appreciate the Beast's kind nature, and, after leaving him to visit her family, realizes that she has fallen in love! Beauty willingly returns to her Beast, in time to break the spell that has caused his current, beastly countenance and restore him and the servants in the castle to their human forms.

Color illustration by P. DVD details Lynch's artistic process in illustrating this book. Free DVD. Content: Stockton's classic story now appears in a large-format picture book with Lynch's dramatic illustrations. The unlikely hero is Bee-man, an old, "ugly, untidy, shriveled, and sun-burnt" figure who is contented with his life as a beekeeper until a young sorcerer informs him that he has been "transformed from something else.

Lynch's spirited artwork, richly detailed and darkly atmospheric, provides a series of imaginative settings and creates a romantic and broadly appealing vision of this original fairy tale. Large in scale and epically cinematic in effect, the beautiful watercolor-and-gouache paintings create a mysterious "otherworld" that will remain part of children's imaginations long after they have graduated to novel-length fantasies.

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With pictures large enough for sharing with groups, this edition is a read-aloud treasure for good listeners. A DVD giving a behind-the-scenes look at the artist at work is included in the book. Wonderful color illustrations by Carole Byard. Condition: NEW Scholastic soft cover, first printing. Tiny edge wear.

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  • Content: Jacob Miller is an inner-city boy who hates being black and poor. He reluctantly assists his little brother Peewee in making a black snowman from the filthy snow in the back alley. The figure comes alive after they unknowingly drape him in a fragment of the magical kente, a cloth worn by African storytellers for hundreds of years.

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    The snowman challenges Jacob's outlook on life by telling him all the wonderful things that are black, and mysteriously conjuring forth brave heroes from African tribal tradition. When Peewee is trapped inside a burning building, the snowman shows Jacob a way to save his brother while exhorting the boy to believe in himself. Using mystical elements and the power of the past, Mendez, in his first book, weaves a stirring tale of Jacob's transformation from a bitter victim of his situation into a proud fighter for his life.

    Byard's haunting color drawings bring to life not only the snowman; they successfully portray the many contrasts between Jacob's dour moods, Peewee's optimism, the dingy apartment and the eerie parade of stately African tribesmen. The valuable lesson inherent in The Black Snowman is not just for black children but for all who struggle for identity within their own worlds. Ages Beautiful color illustrations by Nicki Palin and Tomislav Tomic. Content: Reviewer: "Award-winning children's author Geraldine McCaughrean presents Blue Moon Mountain, a fantastic children's picturebook about a special young girl who discovers the hidden land where mythological creatures dwell.

    The Wyvern, the Sphinx, the Roc, the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, and many more were unfairly depicted as villains in the fairy tales about them; they needed a place to live, and that place was the magical land of Blue Moon Mountain. For only once in years does a white moon path open and show the way to the mysterious land; young Joy, born during a blue moon, has the opportunity to travel there herself and meet the all the fabulous creatures, including the legendary unicorn, who misses his chance to return to Blue Moon Mountain and lives in a stable near Joy while waiting for the next blue moon.