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Just email us at theteam shortstacklab. Thanks again for this great review! Kate O. Senior Graphic Designer. Overall it's a great tool and allows businesses like ours to not pay more for pricey developers we can do this ourselves for minimal cost but great results. I could also adapt to suit my needs by adding unique code. Any questions I had were quickly and expertly answered by the support team.

The framework of the design was easy to work with and design our own backgrounds and elements for also which made the end result presentation much more professional looking. It would also be good to have the platform save all your data inputted without deleting if you don't have monthly subscription - this would work better for us for seasonal campaigns as we only use 2 or 3 months but have to pay for 12 to make sure our data not deleted.

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The data tools also could be more refined ie it would be good to know which people clicked on which element within the design I don't think this is possible atm from what I have seen. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! I wanted to let you know about our option to pause your account.

You can pause an account for up to 90 days, during which time, you won't be charged the monthly subscription fee. It's a way to keep the data in your account without having to pay for the full 12 months. I hope that helps you out! If you have any more questions, we can be reached at theteam shortstacklab.

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Robbie B. Designing, launching, monitoring and measuring the contests and their results was really easy thanks to the platform's intuitive workflow. However, that templated framework has its limits, keeping you from realizing fully customized ideas outside that framework. Hey Robbie! Thanks for this amazing review! We're sorry you had to move along to another means of contest building, but, if it interests you, the Code Widget and CSS panel in ShortStack give you the freedom to customize campaigns however you wish.

If you'd ever like to give us another try, we'd love to have you back. Thanks again!

Julie B. These guys are always there for me, and I usually make mistakes and have loads of tech questions, or functional queries. We have had a lot of success in promoting our destination through easy-to-create trip giveaways, including a cool trivia contest we ran, so folks learned something new, had a chance to win a trip, and had some fun doing it. Understanding the lingo, and in the editing panels what each Rich Text box applies to can be cumbersome. I am not a great fan that I have to be a Developer in order to customize campaign URLs, so for now I stick with the provided link Short Stack provides, and it works fine.

Wow, Julie! Thank you for this fantastic review! We also appreciate your feedback on the tutorial video updates - we're currently working to get those current. Also, next time you'd like to use a custom domain, reach out to us - we have some resources that will walk you through how to do it in "non-developer" language. Tara H. Overall, it's a great tool if you have the money. They have multiple tiers to unlock different functionalities which was disappointing.

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Charge one price and give me all the things. You are easily able to integrate your social profiles to push out your campaign. We did photo submission contests and it worked great. Created a Giveaway section on our Facebook page and promoted it from there. Great turnout with a little Facebook promotion behind it. The software to building out your page if very technically involved so my assumption is that is what you are paying for.

The overall collection of emails and assets, such as images, is fairly easy. That way you are more likely to convert those into entries, aka emails that you can use. Hey Tara!

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This is super valuable feedback! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about those Help resources - we're always working toward making those better. And we're always looking for feedback on our pricing structure, so this is very helpful. Fernando J G. Regional Business Development Director.

It has a complete set of features that can put any small entrepreneur in the social media game without too much effort.

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Having the ability to view examples and even reproduce them is a very helpful feature that provides easy understanding of the reach and scope of the software. The edit platform is friendly and does not require any profund IT background. The free plan is already so powerful that anyone starting to use the app will feel fulfilled. As as social media consultant, I loved to know that Shortstack is now offering marketing automation.

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This a great feature that will take this app into a highe and promising level. I truly recommend small and mid size entrepreneurs to give Shortstack a try and enjoy the benefits of this great business support idea. Thanks for your compliments, Fernando! George A. Digital Marketing Manager. And this is a model i've seen to almost every software on the market that handles competitions i. They really should think about removing entry limits, at least on their full package, else if a company wants to create a high traffic competition and then replicate it, it will most probably mean it will need a new account..

Hi George! We really appreciate your feedback! We always take customer feedback very seriously. In reference to your suggestion, we totally hear what you're saying! We offer Enterprise plans with no entry or view limits - this is something that can be discussed with our sales team. Thanks again for your review! Verified Reviewer. It was easy to implement and after a few rough starts, was fairly easy to construct a campaign. I implemented a campaign on both Magento and Shopify with absolutely no problem.

It worked well the entire time it was live. I wasn't sure what to do and had to restart my project a few times after not being sure what I was doing. After I figured it out though, no problem. Thanks so much! We really appreciate your stellar review. Christina L. Senior Social Strategist. Once you get the hang of how to edit the look, padding, etc. The fact that we have to fluctuate between membership levels to get the features needed from giveaway to giveaway.

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  • We're not able to pay annually, but rather have to work on a monthly schedule - not ideal for an agency. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for your feedback and awesome review!